Come hear a story that must be told of a family who threw caution to the wind.

In fields of gold they call El Dorado.      Now, let us begin.

Look up from the valley a column of smoke pierces the clear blue sky.

Here come the planes to protect the gold, at least they’re gonna try.

A family asked Aesop to answer their call,

When the powder flashed, they weren’t ready at all.

A young dragon born with a life of its own, a mean dark child, it began to roam.

Born with a hunger and burning desire, it’s too late to hold back this fire.

Buckwheat, sage, dry chaparral, blackened as the gates of hell.

It raced to the mountains, up to the trees, insatiable hunger, a ravenous feast.

Better run from your orchards and leave your homes, it’s headed to the apples in the east.

A hot summer morning, gather in the park. Try to get away from a shower of sparks

Rabbits, raccoons they know the best, run for their life away from their nest.

A monster unleashed it knows no bounds, follows the mountains to the west.

We sent our best knights to fight the beast, they stood their ground and would not retreat.

The fire consumes Yucaipa ridge and threatens Mentone Beach.

A hot summer night glows in the dark, mountains covered in a shower of sparks

We try to fight the fire with planes from above but the winds push up to the north.

Coulter, ponderosa and pine, big trees become the main course.

In a mystical canyon, Valley of the Falls, our knights make a stand and give it their all.

At the hairpin turn on old 38 it crossed the line and opened the gate.

A hot summer morning, battle in the park. Brave firefighters in a shower of sparks.

Up ten thousand feet to Anderson Peak, blowing wind and scorching heat.

From Pinezanita to Onyx Summit hear the 944 and Gabriel’s trumpet.

The Demon looks down on Angelus Oaks with a lust we don’t understand. 

Turns out the gold it wanted to keep was in the heart of a very brave man.

A Big Bear Hotshot, he loved his mountain. The last battle cry of Charlie Morton.

He swung his Pulaski, smoke in his eyes. The big red dragon took his prize.

A hot summer morning, sorrow in the park. A good man died in a shower of sparks

Now the fire smolders for days without end, a trail of smoke like the day it began.

A family grows old as they carry the pain. When the fire’s over here comes the rain.

A hot summer morning, gather in the park. A gender revealed in a shower of sparks.

A hot summer morning, family in the park. Their future destroyed, it breaks my heart.

Dan Rush  11/08/2020