Puddle in the palm of my small hand, ten year old fingers pink when held to the sun but oh how the sun burns the eyes when it peaks around the corners. The Science Chemistry Kit in a colorful cardboard case sits on the table. Hinged at the center it opens like the curtains of a Chinese Theatre. Labels on rows of jars colorful and rich with mystery, green copper sulfate, white ammonium that burns the nose with just a turn of the lid and so many more. A scale, forceps, a small microscope, goggles all fit neatly in the case.

The label on one small jar harbors visions of space that must be explored. I remember all of my planets from school , laughing at Uranus and most curious about a jar from Mercury. I open the lid to find a silvery substance, is this really from outer space? I pour it onto my tiny hand and hold it carefully, it seems to be alive as it follows my palm like the canals on Mars. It rolls left then right , a dizzy pool of liquid tin foil. I drop the silvery mass onto the floor and it rolls away. I guess Mom will find it later. Now, what else can I get my hands into?